YMCA Community Center Update

If you are considering living in a pedestrian friendly neighbourhood with open green spaces, dynamic street retail, vivacious restaurants and culturally stimulating works of public art, the Canary District plans to deliver. Canary District broke ground in 2012 in it has continued to capture the attention of all those who love living within an urban landscape and one of the most interesting developments is the YCMA fitness center being developed.


The YMCA community center is remains on track for construction in the spring of 2013. Before it serves as the community fitness center, it will be use as a state-of-the-art training facility for athletes competing in the 2015 Pan American Games. Located at the gateway to the new West Donlands neighbourhood, the YMCA will be a major contributing factor to the healthy and active lifestyles enjoyed by the residents in the surrounding area. The 51,000 square foot facility will feature a gym, fitness studios, swimming pool, and community spaces. Once it is open to the public this facility will service more than 8,000 within the Canary District community.

This urban community marks a trend toward sustainable LEED standards and diversified living. At its fullest capacity this vibrant neighbourhood will house residents amongst a variety of housing types. The District consists of eight buildings that will incorporate 12 loft units, 28 townhomes, 253 affordable housing units, and 805 condominiums. Residents will enjoy living, working, and playing within this 35 acre community that boasts George Brown College’s first student residence, walking distance to the new Don River Park, and the full-service YMCA center.