YMCA Canary District block party

The future YMCA community centre and Canary District are partnering for a community block party on Wednesday, May 29th and you are invited! Ellis Don Ledcor, in partnership with Dundee Kilmer, are offering current Canary District owners and interested buyers a sneak peak of the new YMCA this week. The community centre will be opening its doors at a community block party on Wednesday, May 29th from 4:30 to 7PM. The YMCA community block party will be located on Front Street at Trinity. There will be free food and great entertainment for all attendees. There will also be fun activities for kids and their families.


First-time homebuyers now have an added incentive to purchase their future home at Canary District. The project has downtown condos for purchase with a $1000 down payment using the MyHome program! MyHome is a promotional program that will make it easy for homebuyers to purchase their first condo with the Easy Deposit Plan. To learn more about this opportunity register for a MyHome seminar by contacting us today.

Please RSVP for a special invite to the block party on Wednesday, May 29th.