Fred Victor Building Update

The construction on the 80 acres that make up West Don Lands is well under way this spring. The master planned community will eventually house up to 12,000 people in approximately 6,000 residential units by the year 2020. A portion of those residential units will be set aside for affordable housing as part of Waterfront Toronto’s vision for master planned communities in the GTA.


The extensive West Don Lands development has included 1,200 affordable housing units that will be owned and operated by the Fred Victor Organization. The housing community will provide stability for veterans, seniors, families and people with disability. The designated building will also serve as a center for community services. Master planning, community partnerships, government worked together with the developers of the West Don Lands to address the need of affordable housing in the GTA in a new, sustainable way. In addition, Fred Victory will launch a $3M fundraising campaign called Fresh Start to help finance the preparation and execution of the project.

The Fred Victor Building in the Canary District will first make up the Athletes’ Village over the 2015 summer months. After the games, the building will begin serving affordable housing for seniors, veterans and Torontonians with disabilities. Also included in the master planned community are student residences, a YMCA, and a large park. Before residents move into their new living spaces the West Don Lands district will house the athletes, coaches, and trainers participating in the 2015 Pan American Games and Parapan American Games.