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Toronto celebrated a historic event when the West Donlands project first broke ground in the fall of 2012. The developers continue to make timely progress with the development of this new community and we provide consistent updates on the milestones reached at Canary District. Check out the latest news updates in 2013 posted here:

George Brown Residence Update

Road infrastructure surrounding Canary District is well underway with construction including the redevelopment of Cherry Street and Old East Avenue. To create the diversified and livable community of the new Toronto downtown east neighbourhood a complex infrastructure renewal program has been a major focus of the development process. This redesign will make way for the eventual build of the West Don Lands neighbourhood.



YMCA Community Center Update

If you are considering living in a pedestrian friendly neighbourhood with open green spaces, dynamic street retail, vivacious restaurants and culturally stimulating works of public art, the Canary District plans to deliver. Canary District broke ground in 2012 in it has continued to capture the attention of all those who love living within an urban landscape and one of the most interesting developments is the YCMA fitness center being developed.



Fred Victor Building Update

The construction on the 80 acres that make up West Don Lands is well under way this spring. The master planned community will eventually house up to 12,000 people in approximately 6,000 residential units by the year 2020. A portion of those residential units will be set aside for affordable housing as part of Waterfront Toronto’s vision for master planned communities in the GTA.



YMCA Canary District block party

The future YMCA community centre and Canary District are partnering for a community block party on Wednesday, May 29th and you are invited! Ellis Don Ledcor, in partnership with Dundee Kilmer, are offering current Canary District owners and interested buyers a sneak peak of the new YMCA this week. The community centre will be opening its doors at a community block party on Wednesday, May 29th from 4:30 to 7PM. The YMCA community block party will be located on Front Street at Trinity. There will be free food and great entertainment for all attendees. There will also be fun activities for kids and their families.